About Us

german.innovation (ginNova GmbH) is a collaborative Strategy Consulting and Networking Agency focused on innovation strategies, the implementation of emerging technologies and connecting innovators and creative minds internationally. german.innovation’s official entity ginNova GmbH was founded in Hamburg (Germany) in the summer of 2020 by long-time collaborators Sanja Stankovic and Claudia Schwarz. 

german.innovation seeks to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange

to accelerate transnational (cross-) innovation, strengthen the „tech for good“  community and to collectively work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. While we share a curiosity for all things tech, we have a particular passion for Creative Technologies; CleanTech, Sustainability and Social Impact Tech; Smart (Creative) City Strategies and their intersections of mobility, clean energy and big data as well as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Tech Ethics. 

german.innovation strongly advocates for the empowerment of underrepresented founders, creatives, innovators, investors, and policy makers – women in particular – in the creative and tech communities.

german.innovation is initiator and co-founder of the collaborative pan-European innovator network Innovation Bridge Europe (IBE).


Meet the Founders

Claudia Schwarz

Claudia Schwarz

Strategic Advisor Innovation and Emerging Technology

Claudia is a Strategic Advisor for Innovation and Emerging Technologies including conceptualization, curation and project management for future-facing innovative conferences, festivals and interactive (networking) formats.

A strong advocate for interdisciplinary collaborations and cross-innovation, she seeks to connect stakeholders from various industries and different fields within the tech community

with a shared goal of promoting (cross)-innovation, using “tech for good” and collectively working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as stated by the United Nations.

With an academic background in Comparative Cultural Studies, New Media and Business, past and current projects have been deeply rooted in the international creative community and creative technologies, especially music & film tech, synch and immersive media as well as new and copyright-observing licensing and business models involving creative content. In 2017, she co-founded the Federal Association of Music Technology in Germany (MusicTech Germany) and is also co-founder of Innovation Catalyst WickedWork, both based in Berlin.

With a focus on the common thread of innovative thinking and cross-industry collaboration, Claudia’s professional curiosity goes beyond creative technologies, spanning from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to CleanTech, from Smart City strategies to Social Impact Tech. 


In 2020, Claudia co-founded german.innovation (ginNova GmbH), an innovation strategy advisory and networking agency focussed on the promotion and support of innovators, founders and creatives as well as policy makers and other stakeholders trying to implement emerging technologies and innovative approaches into their daily business. 

Last year, german.innovation co-founded Innovation Bridge Europe (IBE), a pan-European network of innovators, to better facilitate transnational knowledge exchange and to create meaningful business and collaboration opportunities. 


Selected as a participant in the EU-funded Keychange program, co-founder and Board member of Music Women Germany, Claudia is furthermore dedicated to the promotion of diversity and inclusivity within the Creative Industries, particularly of Women in Music & Technology, and the broader innovator community. 


Sanja Stankovic

Sanja Stankovic

Expert for Communication, Strategy Development and Networking

Sanja has lead and built departments in several agencies and companies, including the creative agency Nordpol+, segmenta PR, NAVIGON AG and DS Holding. She continues to manage corporate communications as the press spokesperson for Ralf Dümmel, a well-known investor from the TV startup show “The Lions’ Den”. Furthermore, she has worked as a strategic advisor – specializing on the development of innovation programs and startup investments – to a number of medium-sized companies and groups such as Thalia and QVC.

Creative concepts, new formats and innovation are her passion. Networking and collaborative work define her professional DNA. In addition to her engagement as a speaker, mentor and jury- and Advisory Board member for international events like Next Entrepreneurs, the SXSW Pitch, Food Innovation Camp and the next media accelerator, Sanja has curated and implemented numerous events at conferences like the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg or SXSW in Austin, Texas.

In 2013, she co-founded “Hamburg Startups”, the leading independent startup platform in Northern Germany, seeking to connect startups, investors and other stakeholders and increase the visibility for innovation as well as to create networking opportunities and

As the co-founder of Digital Media Women, Germany's largest network for women in the digital economy with over 20,000 experts at 10 locations in Germany, she is committed to the visibility and promotion of women in the tech sector.